TRAILER: New Musical ‘WANDER’ Thornton Theatre

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Thornton Little Theatre
18 / 19 / 20 July 2019

We witnessed a preview at their Dress Rehearsal.


The show takes place mostly in the Lakes, and the two main characters (Sam and Will) are songwriters heavily inspired by the outside world and nature.

Sam, the dreamer, has revolutionary ideas that cause friction in the partnership with Will, who is more of a pragmatist.

Wills sister Dot, meanwhile, tries to find her own way in the world out of the shadow of two mammoth artists.

When Sam, Will and Dot move further into the wild world of the Lake District, Sam retreats further into his own mind and addictive substances, while Will pushes himself to the limit for the sake of his work.

As friendship turns to love, and passion gives way to obsession, it ends in the realisation that fame and fortune mean nothing without anyone to share it with.

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